VHV source for electrostatic precipitator with CU-2 regulator

Single-phase very high voltage (VHV) sources of direct current voltage with thyristor regulation, silicon VHV rectifier and automatic control for electrostatic precipitator (ESP) of solid pollutants (SP) from flue gas.

VHV sources works on principle when with use of thyristors is controlled power voltage on primary side of onephase VHV transformer. On secondary side of this VHV transformer is placed special power silicon VHV rectifier with protections. Thyristors in primary transformer circuit are controlled by regulator CU-2.

Technical data:
  • input voltage: 400 V, 500 V nebo 690 V
  • power range: from 15 kVA to 250 kVA
Scope of Delivery:
  • control box of VHV source where are placed: regulator, power thyristors, protection elements and signalling elements
  • VHV unit consists of: VHV transformer, silicon VHV rectifier, measuring resistors and signalling elements. All parts of VHV unit are placed in tank with transformer oil
Basic Accessories:
  • earthing knife (for earthing of VHV transformer secondary side)
  • protection cover of VHV bushing for preventing any danger touch
  • limit measuring of temperature, pressure and oil level
  • surface treatment is done according to degree of corrosivity